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Fox Products Logofox English horn model 520
Fox Model 520 English horn
Item #INA520

This Fox English horn features a crack-free body made of specially formulated plastic resin from Fox. All the tone and satisfaction of the all-wood Fox English horn with additional peace of mind. Made in the USA.
High quality plastic resin body, hand reamed and finished by Fox craftsman. Silver plated posts, bands, and bell ring. Stainless steel arbors and wire springs. Nickel silver keys with 18% nickel silver hinge tubing and heavy silver plating. Full conservatory system plus third octave key and low B vent key. Cork pads on low C and above. Teflon tipped stainless steel adjusting screws. Comes with Fox Model XL #2 English horn bocal and Fox Model XL #3 English horn bocal. Individually hand tuned to A-440 pitch with maximum resonance and projection.

Accessories include a French-style double instrument case, reed and reed case, screwdriver, silk swab and cork grease.
This instrument comes with a
complete servicing by Fox
within one year of purchase.

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